Extrude a profile

i try to extrude a profile.

there is this topic

but the problem is that it doesn’t work when you have a parametric profile.
It just reads the lines from the family and doesn’t look at the parameter values.

I want to set some dimension parameters of my profile first… then get curves to make the solid by sweep.

After you select the profile, use an Element.SetParameterValueByName node to adjust the values.

tried that…doesn’t work…

Instance or type parameter?

it is a profile for a window… so the rough wood is a type property and are set by family types, but the frame rebate is an instance

is it maybe possible to duplicate a family so not a type but the complete family under a different name…then delete the types you don’t need and then run the pythonscript, then there is only one type so it should take the correct one.
I can’t do it with the standard family, because i am using multiple types of the family.
But i only see nodes to duplicate a type…not a complete family…

Can you upload a sample dyn and profile family for review? May be a bug or an API issue requiring transaction management.

Here is a test file… one family with a parametric profile… two different profiles are extruded…but the outcome is the same

dynamo_profile_extrude_test.rfa (380 KB)

PolyCurveByProfileFamilyType_problem.dyn (83.3 KB)

Revit 2019 Dynamo