Extracting Elements of Pipes and Pipe Fittings

Hi guys

I am extracting some attributes of my Piping model based on each category. I got all categories of the model, and filter the category list. For Pipe Fittings, as shown below, Dynamo gives me 1726 pipe fittings elements while when I selected the model in Revit, it shows 863. It happened exactly on Pipes too. But it did not happen on other categories like Pipe Accessories, Plumbing Fixtures, etc.
I am stuck in this step. Can anybody help me please? Thanks in advance

Which list are you feeding in? It seems you are feeding in Elements and Types, so it’s double counted.
Use Categories -> All Elements of Category, and always show the full graph otherwise it’s Impossible to help


Thanks for your response
Since I want to check only the elements in a specific view, I filtered the views to select the specific view and then get all elements in Views —> Get their Category —> Filter the Category based on the list of categories that I have for design quality check —> Get the elements, IDs, and essential attributes
If I use Categories -> All Elements of Category it gives me all elements in the main 3D view that I do not want. I want to check the Coordination 3D View in my model.
As I said, It happened only on Pipes and Pipe Fittings. But it did not happen on other categories like Pipe Accessories, Plumbing Fixtures, etc.
I do not know why. Do you have any idea?

You can use “Isolated Pick Model Elements” from Rhythm package.

These are two methods to get elements in view:
The first one is using MEPover package.

ps. To post a screenshot with the complete graph, zoom until the name are visible and click on the camera icon in the top right corner or File>ExportImageasWorkspace

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Thanks @lucamanzoni :slight_smile:
I have to do method 2, but It didn’t work for me as shown below. I do not have List.Contains node, but I have List.ContainsItem node

Did I something wrong?

You have to use Cross Product Lacing (right click on ListContain node).
Also maybe you have to pick the correct Level, or Flatten your list. Take a look at the Dynamo Primer if these concepts are not yet clear :wink: