Extracting and slicing "clean" wall geometries

Hi guys,

I’m interesting in grabbing wall curves that result from the intersection with a “slicing” surface that I move across my building. I found that this method produces faster results in my workflow and with the way I’ve setup things. The problem is that doors, windows and other geometries that cut a wall are messing up the result of my intersection. Is there a way to grab wall geometry at the “profile” level? i.e. prior to being cut? This would be tremendous. All comments are helpful and appreciated.


Can you show an illustration of the slicing plane?

Sure, here’s what I got.

Ideally the only input would be selecting a wall on the opposite corner of my project base point (which we always setup on the first grid on the left side) but for this particular project it was setup incorrectly so I’m using two elements instead of one to trigger my selection in this case.

Here’s a snip of the slicing plane

Have you thought about temporarily shifting your windows and doors to a future phase? That usually prevents them from interacting with the wall geo.

It would be interesting to know what your end goal is here. Why do you need to do these cuts in the first place?

Hi Dimitar

I want to grab wall edges to automate gross area plans. I figured that this way you don’t have to rely on models being drawn 100% correctly with everything where it should be.

Why not just grab the wall’s centerline and offset by 1/2 if the width and -1/2 of the width?

I used your script and it works great but I couldn’t find a way to make it faster. I tried filtering and narrowing down the amount of elements by level but then that meant I’d have to rely on people drawing walls the right way and on the right levels or by view (but that mean’t I’d have to go view by view). From early testing it seemed like this method would be faster to get the curves and pipe into views. I’m gonna try the window phasing thing that @Dimitar_Venkov mentioned and see how that goes. Open to suggestions though…

Do you have rooms placed? Those would be the face of wall, so you could just get the room boundaries as another method.

Rooms are tricky because of the amount of user input in their boundaries but I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the suggestions I’ll post progress snapshots

:joy: This was hilarious to me. Please tell me this was a typo or you are Australian or something.


Argh, sorry about that! :o