Extract Parameters' formulas

Dear all,

is there a way with Dynamo to extract a list of the formulas which determines the parameter value?

Thanks in advance for any help!

See if this post can get you started: How to set 'Formula' for parameters in family

The OP is looking to set the formula value but the Get Formula method is shown and should be a similar process.

I have a node in clockwork for that. Name starts either with „FamilyDocument“ or „FamilyParameter“. Not in front of a computer right now so can’t be more precise.

@Andreas_Dieckmann I refer to your nodes (and others) often in the many posts I make from my phone. GitHub is how I manage to remind myself of the name every time.

Thanks for keeping the this so tidy by the way. :smiley:

@afranco I believe that FamilyParameter.Properties from clockwork is the node you’re after.


This node is working when you are inside the family: my is that i want to extract the formula from my template .rte

From what i am seeing it is not possible, but maybe i am wrong…

To my knowledge is it not possible to retrieve formulas outside the families.
I am also afraid that the DanEDU Dynamo package doesn’t support getting the formulas, but I will put it on my todo list.
However, I have several nodes for family documents, that might inspire you… and the code is open and free to reuse as you please.

Thanks a lot Erfajo and all other contributors!

I think that in my case the best solution could be export as a library all the families in a directory and using Python virtually open one by one to extract the info i need…

Exact, and here you can reuse many parts of my code in combination with Rythm nodes for open/close. I have attached an overview of my nodes (and @john_pierson nodes)

Sorry for not following up on this, I actually ended making a node for getting formulas… here is an overview over all the family document nodes.


Hi Erfajo!
Im having no results when in comes to extracting the formula value with your nodes.
the set.formulavaleu node is ok, it did workç but extracting the formula with getformula.value is not working at all.
it returns nulls values.

Ive tested the strings on and on to see if i did misstype. but misstypes result in empty lists and im getting nulls.
i also did create a standart family type based on other sollutions on the forum, but i get the same errors.

could you help me on this one brother?
the goal is to schedule all my fitting`s formulas in the piping template, cause they have ""if formulas containing multiple class codes and descriptions written inside the “code” and “description” parameters, and i need to change all that info.
Image and .dyn

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thank you sir!

Hi, my name is Paulo , Im trying to do the same.
Did you have success on extraction the formulas from the family parameters?

thanks .