Extract Linework(from Model) of a section

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a node/a way to extract the linework(model elements) from a section?
I have an Adaptive generic Model, and when i try to snap to its cutting Linework of the section it automatically snaps to the Insertion point.

what i try to do is extract the curves that are shown in the sections and then place them as detail lines in the view, i know that this will be inaccurate if the model changes, but i can work on a script to remove the old lines later on, and create new.

Thanks in advance

Not a full solution, but food for thought. Section cuboids don’t behave as hoped, but they may have potential with a bit more digging…but the fact that this example’s cuboid is rotated 90 degrees about two axis is quite frustrating.

You could also translate the plane via the far clip offset (for some reason the plane normal is inverted from the clip direction). You shouldn’t see the detail lines if they are out of the section boundary view, but they will wind up being generated and somewhat increase file size so consider that before making too many of these.

Thanks Robert, i was thinking something similar, found out that another way to do it is creating Model Lines at the intersection of the plane , this will create the lines extactly at the point i need them and no need to transform them into the view, the only issue is that they will appear everywhere, but i can manage using invisible worksets or alike.


I know this is an older post but my business is asking me to come up with a code that will do pretty much the same thing. How did you achieve this @sweapon ? We you also able to add filled regions to capture the material?

Hi, i used the model lines approach, i mever added any filled regions but i thinknis very possible