Extract Data for Angle of Slanted Column

Has anyone out there worked out a graph for obtaining the angular slant of a slanted structural column? I have a user who is trying to ensure that all of her columns have a minimum angle of 1:6. New enough to Dynamo to not have a very good idea of where to look.

Any help would be appreciated!

something like this:

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@Andrew_Hannell nice, @jorgedelacova7458 you can than take it a step further and add a colour override to define non compliant columns out.200813 AngleColOverrideTest.dyn (33.5 KB)

@Andrew_Hannell and @Kai, the graph reports the attached error when loaded (before running). Is there a package I need to install for this to work.

@jorgedelacova7458 sorry my bad…that node was from Lunchbox for Dynamo

Turn on View>Graph Package Dependency- that will list the packages the graph depends upon

Thank you, guys!