Extend Plane

Hello Everyone!

I have a project, where I want to split the geometry visually with planes. My problem is that the planes, what I created showing up in a very small size at the middle of the building, but I need them them extend to the edge of my building.
It is a stadium, so the planes should be extended to a couple hundreds meters.

Is there a way to solve it?

hm, do you mean surfaces which are planar? or planes? Planes should be infinite.


Of course, they are infinite. But they are just showing up in the middle of my model space as a small rectangle. I need to be able to see it extend. They are working as expected, but I need some visual trick / hack, so I can see, where they are spliting my geometry.

@bombear1 Not sure what geometry you’re working with, but something like this?


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Wow! You went further, than I expected. It’s very good! Yes, this is what I need, if it’s not possible to make the planes look infinite or bigger.

Fun fact - planes in Dynamo (ASM) are in fact not infinite :stuck_out_tongue:

By default (medium geometric working range) they’re 200k x 200k units big and will grow or shrink as you change the working range.