Exporting scene in Dynamo as .rvt creates an empty file

Hello friends! When i am exporting a file in dynamo i end up with an empty .rvt file. How is that?
I can load in a .sat file and also export said .sat file into a .rvt file.

However this exported file is empty in the scene

Importing sat file dynamo (works):

Exporting .sat file into .rvt file (works but nothing is generated when opening file)

Could this be something with not saving the scene first?

Thank you!

EDIT: Manually saving the scene before exporting it works, so how can i automatically save the scene through dynamo? :slight_smile: thanks!!!

@lasse ,

a .sat file works just in an corresponding enviroment there are two:

1.) A Projectfamily (it has to be in the work-mode)

2.) A family template



Thank you for your answer!

Okay got it! Im new so i have not grasped the concepts quite yet.
This would be a family right since its a .rvt file?

@lasse ,

.rvt is a projectfile
is this mode you can place .SAT files

.rfa is a family file

(.rte is Projecttemplate)

Thank you Draxl!

I seem to be able to export this scene to .rvt however as long as i run a dynamo script to save it :slight_smile: