Dynamo Export to SAT not working

Hello, everyone
I need to make curtain system based on floor contours.
So idea is follow:

  1. I take my floors to dynamo, select contours, calculate all parameters needed to make correct curtain systems and import curves to SAT file.
  2. Create mass family. Export SAT curves there, make mass
  3. Load mass to project and apply curtain systems to mass faces.

*-It will be better to make in-place mass through Dynamo, but I,ve read it is imposible.
**-Also it will be great to place curtain system on Dynamo loft surfaces but it also seems imposible.

So now I have a problem with export to SAT file. Node return me an error: Unable to write entity list as sat: NULL_FILE–null file pointer given. I have no idea what this means. Error is same for curves, points, surfaces - anything

I’ve solved it by myself. It was not correct input of file path to save .sat