Exporting object data to SDF/SHP with zero tounch node


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I am trying to make a custom package in C# using the import export examples shipped in the Map3d Object ARX sample files.

I have been able to build the sample .dll with no errors, use in Civil3d correctly and then import the package into Dynamo. I have then been able to drag in the function from the .dll that does the writing of the shp file out to a folder.

I have then setup all the input values in Dynamo to match those i see in Visual Studio when debugging that would work and just come from the input form. Dynamo then says the function has run but there are no files in the output directory.

Is there a trick to have functions write out data from Dynamo? or does the data have to come into Dynamo and then be write out?

ImportEsportMapObjectsshp (workinprogress).dyn (11.5 KB)
ImportEsportMapObjects (workinprogress).dyn (11.4 KB)