IFC to Solid Civil 3d with Dynamo

Good morning,
I wanted to transfer some volumes in IFC format to Civil Solids, with Dynamo… Once they are Solids in Dynamo I could treat them as such.
Can someone give me a solution?
Thank you very much in advance

You will need to read the IFC file and its associated geometry then use this data to create a Autocad Solid.

I would also suggest you have a read of the following(How to get help on the Dynamo forums) as any requests for a solution without trying to have a look at it yourself could/should go un-answered.


Thank you for your response. And true, before asking I always try to look for the solution myself. In this case I didn’t find it, that’s why I decided to ask the question.
The solution as a concept is clear… But what node is used to extract that solid from an IFC file? It’s just what I need and I can’t find it even with Dynamo extra packages… I just found one to extract parameters assigned to the IFC, but not the solid. That is my doubt.
Once again thanks for your time.

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Don’t think there is a node out there but maybe I’m wrong. Also couldn’t find IFC import exposed on the API. I can only think of sending the “-IFCIMPORT” command to the command line through python to first import the file into the model and get the objects you’re looking for.

Thank you for your response.
I don’t really know anything about Phyton for Dynamo… Any suggestion of Manual or videos on youtube for this purpose? thanks.

There are many examples in this forum like this :

Use “-” before the IFCIMPORT command to be sure to run it from the command line and not from the dialogue window. This applies only to commands like this or the View command for example, that have a dialogue window.
Use “\n” as the equivalent of enter.

For example if you want to send the AECPSDAUTOATTACH to the command line you will need this as the command to send :


There aren’t many ressources out there for python with Dynamo and Civil 3D other than this forum. But there is already a wealth of information here. Users such as @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, @mzjensen or @hosneyalaa have posted a lot of python examples here. Finally, if you speak spanish, I did an AU class in spanish this year on the subject :

El poder de la automatización: Python en Dynamo para Revit y Civil 3D (SD500080)