Exporting DWF

Hi guys

Has anyone ever tried publishing DWF files (one DWF per sheet) using Dynamo?

I would like your input before I investigate any further…


I couldn’t find any node for export to DWF.

Has anyone had more luck?



Hello Marie-Pierre Lebel,

We do not have that Node right now but I will create a user requirement for this.(MAGN-6266)



do you want to export Revit elements or Dynamo geometry? If it’s for revit elements, I have a custom node in progress for this. will be in a coming update of SteamNode package.


Wow Julien! Is this the fastest community or what?

Thanks Julien!

By the same token, it would be great to be able to link a DWF file (annotations) using dynamo. I’m now able to automate export but not the linking of annotation sheets… Just an idea for future development :wink: