Exporting ALL Parameter Data to Excel

Hello everyone.

I have been searching for a simple method to export all categories, types and their parameters to Excel. I haven’t been able to find a proper solution yet.

@jeremytammik has given some great insight on the matter on his blog, but this is mainly C#.
See https://thebuildingcoder.typepad.com/blog/2012/09/exporting-parameter-data-to-excel.html

But I’m trying to automate the process via Dynamo/Python.

Can anybody help in the matter? Thanks alot in advance.

The simplest way would be ODBC export i think.
Doesn’t involve any Dynamo/Python.
You need MS-Office to be installed.
I have not checked if all custom made parameters are exported.

I’v tried ODBC export, which works pretty OK. But it’s not suitable for batch export from several models, which is what I’m trying to archive.

Is there no one, who has been wanting to export all data before and have a tip on how to solve this?

I’d agree with Marcel (ODBC)

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