Export to FBX from data-shapes package




Regarding the Node “Export to FBX”…

is there a reason why the prefix is not used in the python code to adjust the file name?

sometimes the node does not execute with the Dynamo Player, anyone a guess why?

Isolate by Material Finish

Hi @Thomas_Vogt,
nope no particular reason :slight_smile: just an old node with it’s falws…
Do you recognize a pattern in the way it fails with the player? does it work the first time only? or is it completely random?


ok I need to correct myself, it does not work with the Dynamo Player at all, and with Dynamo itself I have to change the prefix first and after that I can run to export fbx02_Export_To_FBX.dyn (5.7 KB)


My guess is that all the prefix change does is refresh the inputs to the node and cause it to rerun. A boolean toggle would have the same effect. Not sure why it does’nt work through the player. What version of revit are you using?




I have no idea why the script in the player don’t work, but I have extended the node a bit with a toggle and the prefix works again

Export to FBX+.dyf (4.7 KB)