Export to excel - data to many sheets

Hello, could you please look what is wrong with my lists? I need to export data to many sheets in excel.
Here is picture and it add all data to every sheet. I wand to export first sublist data to first sheet etc.

Flatten the Sheet Names list.

Here is small test dyn file.

D4C3D_ExcelExportManySheets.dyn (17.8 KB)

Hi @Bjorn_Keulemans1, list flatten is not solution.

Hi @Drbohlav ,

I think you need to chop your lists 1 more level for each list. Because you can input multiple lists into the Data.ExportExcel node to fill multiple rows/ columns.

Try changing the list levels on the Data.ExportExcel node, or try changing the list levels such that each excel-sheet has another list.

Hello @Drbohlav
you need to add a level (sublist) for each sublist