Writing sub-list data to desired rows and columns in Excel

First question here. Any help is appreciated!

-Two sub-lists. One being numbers from 1 to 10, second being letters A to I.
-Could it be possible to write those two in to specific location in excel? Rows will vary but column will stay consistent. Example:
Sub-list 1 will be at row 5 and its index values will be placed to columns from 5 to 14
Sub-list 2 will be at row 7 and its index values will be placed to columns from 5 to 14.

Exporting several lists into desired location is relatively easy. I am looking for a way to export hundreds of sub-lists with varying rows, but with the same column locations. (Overall goals is to override a predefined excel files’ certain rows). I have tried several ways but could not overcome.
This link seems to have answered my question but I do not know which version of Dynamo contains the last node Writing data to specific rows in Excel with Dynamo - #3 by staylor

You explained where the rows and columns are located, but you haven’t explained how that gets determined. As you said, you can manually do this for a few lists, but it’s not scalable without an understanding of the logic that determines where each sublist gets located.

The basic theory is that you count how many lists you have and where they start. Then you just pad your list with empty rows to get you to the right location. Same thing happens with columns, just by padding each sublist with empty strings.

Thank you Nick. Here is a bit more context;

“Excel to Revit” data exchange works well. Dynamo code reads the excel column and pairs it with Revit element if they have a matching name.
Example: 250th Revit element in a list is equal to 506th element in excel row. Excel columns 5-14 are indicated as project parameters in Revit with column 5 is for parameter1, column 6 is for parameter2 and so on…

I am trying to achieve “Revit to Excel” workflow too. Rows come from “Excel to Revit” workflow as mapped (See watch node after list.indexof) . Attached picture is from Excel to Revit workflow and works fine.