Export/Save Families with Specific Pre-fix

Looking for a little help here - I think I’m nearly there with what I’m trying to do - but I’m falling short on actually getting the families to export from the Revit project.

We have a client project where all families must be approved, until they are approved they earn a prefix of “NA_”. Periodically we extract all families and then only send them the families with the NA_ prefix before them. We currently use the Case Inc app to do this - but I’d like to use this dynamo script instead and only extract families with the prefix, rather than ALL families as the Case app does.

Here’s a look at the current definition - I’m using the Orchid File.SaveFamily node - but its giving me a tough time and I’m hoping I’m just overlooking something simple - or potentially someone has a different method to accomplish this same idea.


Well - I figured out my own mistake! I should’ve paid better attention to the warning it was giving me - for anyone who needs this in the future here’s the fix “Family.ByName” between the list and the Orchid node.