Export SAT file to Revit Geometry

I want to import Civil 3d 3D model (SAT format) into Revit by using Dynamo as the following:

I found that it give me two different result from the same SAT file
Google Photos
The Spring node model missing some part of solid
I want to import the SAT file as a Conceptual mass for sectioning and mass floor because Importinstance.By SAT result cannot appear in sectioning.
Can someone help me to solve this problem
I am the beginner of Dynamo

SAT file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps0ihixtqz0t3pb/sat-solid.sat?dl=0


Could you upload your sat file for us to look at?



I uploaded the sat file for your reference. Thanks!!!

No worries, I think this works?

You’ll need package clockwork… Obviously Dynamo was struggling with the fact that it was made of lots of individual solids… By just getting the top surfaces it could bring them in ok?

Hope that helps,


Is the geometry very far from the origin? These two topics might offer some insight:

@Dimitar_Venkov I got the same results with a file close to the origin, but it is in 2018, there were no error messages.


Here’s a closeup of a couple of failed solids…

Thanks for your fantastic package!


Did a quick test by importing it through the default Revit UI method and also got a warning about missing geo:

I guess what you could try to do is clean or rebuild the problematic parts in something like AutoCAD, which might be more forgiving.

It comes into Dynamo fine & a bit of filtering got all the top surfaces cleanly… Hopefully the OP is ok with it.

It works for me, but i have a question, i just want to filter the upper part of the solid surface, how can i do it ?

TopSurface from the Rhythm Package could do it!
Alternatively you could Extract all the surface from the Geometry and Check for the Normals.

Hmm… ok, surprisingly difficult!

There’s no node for ‘connected surfaces’?! Maybe someone else knows…

I had to do a workaround… I know that the top surface and it’s base surface will be located in the same XY, so if i group them then get the top one, I can get all the top surfaces. Not ideal…

Hope that’s useful,



ImportSat-Top.dyn (21.2 KB)