Export property sets to excel

Hello, I’m getting measurement by using autocad layers and proprty sets. The target is to have and excel file with columns that make sense to get dynamic tables.
Based on that i create property sets according diferents kinds of elements:
each element has 4 property set:
-Area/longitud ( depending the object)
I stablish an order in property set 1,2,3,4 in order to visualize them like this i property extensions.
The problem occures when it is read in dynamo. The order is not followed as it is designed, so that when you tried to get into columns in excel, you can get the data in good order.
Properties, can be manual , automatical or by formula.

Is it possible to respect the stablished order in property set by reading them in dynamo???
Pd: IDObject is recognaized in a diferent position if it is a Poly or a line, and if it is a Hatch or a Region…This is the main problem
thank you!

You need to select the columns form the excel file based on the order of the property names.
You won’t be bale to change the value of properties controlled via formula

Hmm I’m not sure since it’s not my language, but the out of the box nodes can’t handle any property set definition data type other than text. I don’t have “automatic” type but I could see that if it choose integer for you, dynamo couldn’t read it and you’d get nulls that way. You can substitute with toolkit nodes as they can read other types now. Hope this helps