Export object information for FM

Hi to all…

I’m trying to create an Excel complex export to use data for Facility management. I’m starting from the HVAC information.

The question is: how I can drive the flow of the script based on IF statement? I receive an error if the list of object is empty (example: in the project there isn’t an Air terminal and so on).

This is a WIP so stay tuned because I will have a lot of questions :slight_smile:




You can use List.IsEmpty as a condition:


I mean something like: if yes do this and if false do this, like a flow chart. Is this possible?


like an IF…THEN…ELSE statement, that would be welcome

Theoretically, you could do that in a Python node, but I have not yet tried calling any Dynamo functions other than Geometry functions, so I can’t say for sure if it would work.


another question. I’ve tryed to query information on elements and I’ve received the ID of the family type…perfect



But, when I want to link the ID to a Name, I receive a blank list…I’ve this problem on several element or categories



Any idea…with this informations,a VLOOKUP and some pivot in Excel I can link and name to id like in this case


Just use the Family.Name node to retrieve the elements name

LoL. I haven’t seen it…thanks


Having Revit DBLink installed (as i see in the picture) gets you all the data.

An overview of all categories with all OOTB parameters, editable/not editable, that would be nice

yes I know but…I want to export and import data using dynamo to put exactly what I want where I want…

Any idea on the IF THEN ELSE node?