Export Workspace as Image Resolution

Continuing from the below thread (which says it’s closed tho my status on the forums supposedly lets me still post I can no longer reply) is there any update on this? I would really perfer not to stitch togather multiple views to get to the required resolution as mentioned in the thread. I’m actually surprised this functionallity already isn’t in Dynamo simply because there seems to be so many good reasons one would want legible output. I’ve been quite unhappy with the output so far. Like how is one suppose to use this in a presenation and use a laser pointer to bring the audiences’ attention to certain things? Attached above is a sample.


I think they might have some fixes in the works, but I am not sure to what extent it will fix the things you are asking for.


Maybe it is this fix you are looking for? I think it’s available in the last daily builds.


Thanks for the update. The second link reads in part:

Just as my life predictably slumps into irrelevance, I had an eureka moment just last night. Though good for many people I did not leap out of the bathroom naked, what comes up next can potentially change the lives of few people. Exaggerating, yes, but not by much.

Funny, but also true. This type of functionally makes a big difference. I also toyed with the idea of replicating the entire script in Adobe Illustrator but then thought - meh - life’s too short. I’m not surprised this excellent utility is getting better.

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Acutally I was quickly inspecting the above jpg in photoshop last night and realized that output resolution can’t possibly be the issue because the image is nearly 6700 px wide. That should be more than enough to get legible printing. I think the problem lies with the Drynamo’s rendering engine in this regard.

The Dynamo version 1.1 that has just been released (literally few minutes ago) has the fix, you should definitely, definitely, definitely try it out! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up @Ben_Goh.

Just wanted to follow up with the forums to show the issue appears to be resolved after upgrading dynamo and redoing the renderings. :grinning: Please see the below image:

Nice, @PerfectArchCo it is good to know. I don’t quite understand the image you showed, it seems to be partially shown, is that a problem for you still?

Oops. :open_mouth: Nope it was just a crop. Everything is copacetic. :relaxed: