Export Sheet View as Image

This topic doesn’t appear to be covered yet, but it’s a utility I’ve wanted in my projects for a while now. I’m trying to export all the sheets in as set as little image thumbnails that our team can then use in spreadsheets or presentations or whatever to coordinate the project.

I was able to get raster PDFs out of REVIT with dynamo pretty easily, but this workflow requires some project setup and creates processing problems downstream for programs expecting a graphical image format (as opposed to rasterized pdfs).

I’ve tried exporting the sheets two different ways and just wanted to make sure this is even possible with Revit.Elements.Views.Sheet elements or perhaps someone can suggest a different approach to get this functionality?

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Here’s a little tiny example made directly from REVIT of the sheet view. So it’s definitely possible. I’m continuing to try different parameters and work through the python code. I’m on REVIT 2019.1 and Dynamo 2.0.2.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this?

In your first graph, are you feeding a list of views to the View input? if not, then create a list, even if you only have one view to export.

Feeding the export image node two lists of equal length is still giving an error: "Could not find file “…” which is odd because I’m feeding it totally different string file path names. I’m going to try the Archilab image export node next. I though the simpler OOTB one would be easier but I guess I will need to keep problem solving because obviously its possible to export a sheet as a png as reference above in this thread.