Doors as list

Hi, Please I am trying to the select doors in these rooms even it will be repeated so in this picture that below I want to make the list of number’s doors 12 not just 5

Hi @MAIA17112

Try changing Lacing to Longest by right clicking RoomSequence.ToDoorSequence node.

I did but it’s not working

I believe this node is for finding the doors you have to pass through to get from Room 0 to Room N via Rooms 1…N, so if Room 1 to 7 don’t have to be involved to get through the door, or if you have to pass though another room on the way there it might return new doors and only return them once.

Is that what you are after or do you want to know which doors are in the specific room?

room test excel.dyn (54.0 KB)
okay, what I want to export excel file included furniture family type, count, door name, Room Name, and Room Area.
It’s working but just I need to add doors to excel but doors have a different sort to furniture. Do you get it?

You can try this:

However think this through for the many varied edge cases:
What do you want to do if a room has more than one door?
What if a room has no furniture but has a door?
What if a room has furniture but no door (bound by a room separation line)?

It’s not working, all of them are null!

Think you’ll need to post the Revit model to get help then, as I can’t make this not work on my end - if the furniture reports a room then the door returns consistently for me.

Perhaps you’re using a mis-matching version of clockwork?

test plan.rvt (2.0 MB) Revit 2019