Export data from Dynamo to excel

I have a problem. I want to export data from some quantization tables to Excel, as follows:
In Excel I have a column whose cells contain an 8 digit code. In Revit I have some quantization tables whose names are the same 8-digit codes.
The dynamo routine consists of comparing the code of the table with the code of the Excel cells, and in those that coincide, extract a data from the quantization table and export it to Excel, copying it into the cell in front of the respective code.
However, I don’t know why the routine doesn’t work for me.

  • your screenshots are not legible- it is best to use the ‘camera’ tool in the top right
  • I’d guess the issue might be with list levels or data structure- it seems that the data going into the spreadsheet is coming from the second sublist ?
  • For the lookup part, it is probably easiest to use a Dictionary node- where the code is used as the key