Export and Load families

Hi guys,
I’m posting a topic after a long time.
I posted many graphs about Tunnel.
Actually, I’v got my goal.

I put some profile, and make a mass on the 3D curve.

But you know,
When I export this mass tunnels to project environment,
this is just one-piece model.

I can’t go next steps in this situation.

I have to named each section, and find each volumes,
and have to create IFC parameters.

So I find the way to export to *.sat.
but this case has also problems.

When I load sat,

the objects are overlapped or wrong-located.

and this doesn’t have volume information…

when you want to load family objects to project environment,
that objects must be seperated,
and has each names and volume,
How would you like to solve it?

The way I use ‘*.sat’ doesn’t seem right.
I’m looking for a different way.

you should use adaptive component family( 2 points or 3 points based) to manage you to separate each tunnel segment to have it’s own parameters like volume and name and you might add also start - end station if you need.

Thanks, ingenieroahmad.
I already tried adaptivecomponent.
Ultimately what I want to know now is how to separate objects created in the family environment when loading them into the project environment.:smiley: