Export several Viewset into DWF

Hello, this is only my second post, and im pretty new to Dynamo.

But i am trying to Export several DWF view sets but i cant figure out how to do it.

In the projekt im working on we have arround 60 viewsets in this tender, and with a possibility for several hundreds more further on in the projekt.

We are exporting the view sets once a week or so, and it takes up alot of time since i have to export them one after one.

I am able to Export several plan views to DWF in different files.

But i cant find a node that gives me the viewsets already avaible in the projekt?

Is it possible that anyone would show me how this can be done?

And is it possible to control if it should be in landscape or portrait, and the naming of the files that are exported?

Many thanks


That is All possible through Revit API but it require a lot of python skill to accomplish that. you can Search this

on http://revitapisearch.com/ See what is the requirement of the api.