Exclude Room Separators from Areas Calculations

Hi everyone!
I wrote a script using a couple of Clockwork nodes to get the boundaries of rooms, extrude them to get the height and get the area for wall finishes takeoff.
It works well until I stumbled with rooms separator which are causing extra areas to be computed as you can see:

Is there a way (maybe through the API) to exclude the perimeter of Room Separators?

I’ve attached also the script.
Any help will be appreciated


Well, the dirty way would be to take what you have, separately extrude and then subtract that from the first. Not too elegant but might give you what you want.

What are you doing about doors, windows and things like walls behind cabinetry that aren’t finished? I think you are going to have to look at the walls themselves to really get what you wan’t.

There’s a node in the archi-lab package that will get you want you want.
It won’t work with the Rooms by status though (neither will Room.Faces)


Yes, actually if you look inside the script I’m sustracting doors and windows area using Clockwork nodes for rooms

I will take a look to that node!