Excel.WriteToFile XLSM

I saw in another topic, another guy with same problem (nov2017), but not solved yet…

i always used Excel.WriteToFile to export to a *.XLSM (EXCEL - MACRO VBA) but now showed a message like this (this extension can’t be used…)

Dumb questions first:

Do you have Excel installed?

last week i was using this… today, not worked

I’ve had a problem recently where I managed to fix it by simply looking up microsoft office in the program’s list and right clicked it and then pressed repare.

Next to that, Dynamo is not the most stable software, currently I’m using Dynamo 0.9 because I can’t install install version 1.0.0 or any version after that, even though I’ve had it working for quite a while before.

Uninstall all versions and types of Dynamo on the system, run microsofts fixit utility, and then install the version you want (1.3.2 is my personal preference for now).

I’ve tried a lot, and I don’t think there’s fixit on this pc (I’m using Windows 7).