Can't write to Excel

What is the reason for following error, and how can I fix it?


Dude, seriously? I think that message is pretty clear. Please make that check out to Microsoft and send it in before posting. LOL

On a positive note, kudos to the developers for a clearly written and easily understood error message…


Thanks for your response. You are absolutely right - the error is very clear, and only a lesser being like myself would be confused by it.


The license is not really expired, Excel and entire Office suite worked perfectly on the same machine, and only Dynamo is having trouble accessing Excel. My thought was if I am getting this error, maybe some others have too, and that the good folks of the Dynamo team had some insight into it.

To give more detail - I get this error running the graph more than once. Works fine the first time, then fails on following runs.


Is the excel spreadsheet still open from the first run when it fails on the second?

Also is there any chance that your dyn is somehow changing the data that is written the second time in such a way that there are “nulls” in the data being sent to Excel?

Ive never seen that error. Might be a good idea to submit it to GitHub issues along with an example file.

on another note you can try a package called Bumblebee. let me know how that works.