Excel Write using Bumblebee


I started using the “Write Excel” node from Bumblebee package and I couldn’t get it to work.

It doesn’t give me any error but it doesn’t write the data. The excel file is closed when I run the script.


See for yourself: excel output data excel write

excel write bb


Hi Oliveira,

Which version of dynamo your using?


I forgot to mention that…


Bumblebee Package 2016.3.24

Recently similar topic is discussed here http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/archi-lab-and-bumblebee-package-dont-appear/

Thanks for the reply.

From that topic: “Last stable build of Bumblebee has been released for Dynamo 9.2” (Konrad)


The “Live Write Excel” node works…


The latest version of Bumblebee is 4.20 and that should have addressed your issue per this post: Link Please update to latest version of Bumblebee and let me know on Git Hub if this issue persists.



Hi @Oliveira from which package shall I find this node ?