Excel Write to File "Loses" data

See attached image.

I have a lot of data writing to several different spreadsheets. I have tested this dyn on smaller files and successfully used this dyn on larger ones. However, when dealing with larger files, it seems to be hit or miss on whether the complete write to excel is successful. Sometimes, it just decides not to write anything to one or two of the file paths. The data is there in the node before, but when it passes through to the Write to Excel, it just goes “Null”. Is there some sort of max on the number of lines that Write to Excel can accept? I’ve got about 180 rows of data with 6 columns in the case shown here that fails (index [0]). Are there some unwritten limitations of the Write to Excel nodes that I am unaware of?

Excel Write Fail

excel List Combine I could only emulated the same situation by disconnecting the first file path. Do the dataList.Count, filePathList.Count and sheetNameList.Count match each other? Are Paths and /or sheetNames valid?

All of the paths are correct and valid, and the count of all the inputs match. Like I said, this thing works sometimes, and fails other times. I could run it on the same file twice in a row and get all of the data on the first run, and only get one or two of the excel files to write on the second run. It’s almost like there’s a problem with the Excel interface that runs out of memory or something (32Gb of Ram on my machine, so I don’t really see how that could be the issue…).

I’ve pretty much decided to abandon Excel and use CSV or fill my dyn up with a bunch of Transaction.Start, Transaction.End and write each Excel file in a separate transaction because this thing seems so unreliable right now.

So I think I found the issue. Excel has a default limit of 1024 characters per cell. If you exceed that limit, it will not display anything in the cell, which leads to Dynamo thinking it is Null. I had around 3000 characters in some cells, and that was what was killing it. CSV is the solution.