Excel with many sheets: Merging together values within columns (Handle)

Hi, could anyone please help me here? I have two excel files with many sheets. Originally it is old export of objects property sets with property definitions and some values. There were some values added for back import to objects in Civil 3D. In the meantime the model was updated and new exported excel exist. I am looking for solution how to merge data from older excel to new one. This should be only for rows with same Handle in first column of every sheet. Here are pictures of two excel files and the result I am looking for.
I believe there is some elegant solution for example with Python and Pandas (Merge, join, concatenate and compare — pandas 1.3.3 documentation), but I can’t learn so quickly now :slight_smile: I tried this with Dynamo, but I can’t find solution.

Dynamo file
D4C3D_Excel_SpojeniTabulekIndex_1.4_1.dyn (134.8 KB)
Testing Excel files
Sešit1.xlsx (8.8 KB)
Sešit2.xlsx (8.8 KB)


D4C3D_Excel_SpojeniTabulekIndex_1.4_1 0 .dyn (35.1 KB)

Hi, thank you @hosneyalaa.
I’m sorry. I’m looking for more general solution. In the real project in the excel, there are not rows in the same order so I need to use dictinaries.