Excel to Revit push - Missing a step


Still sorting this out, any help would be appreciated



I asked Ian Siegel from Lynda.com to help me with this and we got it figured out
Below is the Dynamo graph that I am currently using. Basically the panel names have to be locked down ahead of time and then the parameters for mains and short circuit rating will push through correctly.

Parameters_Excel to Revit.dyn (23.4 KB)


Hi @Bill_Mutert

See below alternative…again its an alternative with lesser nodes.

Set Type Parameter from excel in revit

I’ll give it a shot, thanks


I was rushing when i replied to you, forgot to mention that (see below image) 1 and 2 should be the same. They need to be matching so it will place the correct value from excel. Disconnect by accident the “short circuit rating” wire when i capture the image. See correction on the image.

Just to be clear what you have is already correct and it serves your purpose, this is only an alternative. However, in future you will probably find yourself in a scenario that you just need to update selected equipment type. Therefore the equipment type/name isolation is the way forward. I my workflows i always account for this type of scenarios. Also i found sometimes sorting in dynamo using nodes and function tend to show different results. I guess once you exprience this you will know what im saying. This is the reason i pick/choose to isolate stuff so i know that i am changing the correct elements and its values. Again the solution above is a version and has risk as i mentioned.