Excel to Revit push - Missing a step

I am missing a step somewhere on my parameter IMPORT script.

I can get one piece of electrical equipment to push into Revit just fine using the “panel name” and “mains” parameters (see green group) but when I add another one, that item (see pink group) takes over and pushes to ALL of my equipment. I am sure this is due to the “All Elements of Category” node, but there is obviously some other organizing required.

My question is what nodes am I missing to push multiple sets of panel & main parameters? I am trying to push three at a time during beta testing, but this will morph into many more after I figure it out.


@Bill_Mutert…you need after All elements of category node a filter list by boolean mask to filter each element to feed into each of your setparameterbyname node. If no one reply tomorrow i will send you the node setup i am on my tablet and cannot open revit/dynamo to post image of node…

see sample of filterlistbyboolean and see if this will fix your problem.

hope this helps…please let me know.

This workflow seems to be more for isolating a single piece of data, similar to how “get item at index” does. In my screen shots above you will see that I need to push three of everything, not one. I haven’t figured out how to organize my data to push correctly to each of three items that are all under the same category of Electrical Equipment. There is a Lynda.com exercise for some shelving that I am trying to reverse engineer.


Yes thats the idea…isolate each category to individual items so you can setparameters to each individual element/category. I use this technique just try to feed your all elements of category output to the element name and to the list on the boolmask…just try it…

If I am following you correctly, I need to add the boolean mask to isolate “Panel Name” from my “Mains” parameter before connecting it back into “All Elements of Category” along the lines I have shown in BLUE

Nope…in your red box All elements of category can you place a watch node and post the image. This is what we are breaking to individual elements. Thanks

I meant your red box on your second image at the top

Only the names show up in a watch node, I am trying to push TWO parameters at once. NAME and MAINS which is the amperage at each item. When I try to add the second part it fails


See image…can you share files so i can try it?

Electrical Data Import.xlsx (8.8 KB)
Parameters_Excel to Revit.dyn (13.7 KB)

Attached is the source file from Excel and the Dynamo graph

So far, it seems like I can only push ONE parameter with ONE dynamo graph
I am sure there is a way to push more than one at a time in the same graph, I just have to figure out the proper node arrangement to do so.

Hi @Bill_Mutert, i think your workflow is missing a process. You need to extract information from your revit family equipment first (for example the panel name or equipment no.) and match it with your excel data before pushing it inside the revit element.
Because as i have inspected in your graph, you just connected directly the electrical equipment without any condition, hence, any excel info. will just be placed in any equipment regardless of whatever panel name or equipment number it holds.

You could try and do this way

Number 1 is where you will query the revit element for a name or number or whatever info you want to match it with in the excel file, and then number 2 is where you get the index number of where the matching data from the excel file is.
Hope this helps. Cheers.


This kind of thing is do-able using Excel but painful.
And likely to fall over if the Excel spreadsheet structure changes ,say an accidental extra column/cell or a string where it is expecting a number.

I suggest taking a look at

In your case, your query would be something like:
"select mounting,mains,'short circuit rating' where 'panel name' =" +panelname

In other words, you are looking up the values of the mounting, mains and short circuit rating columns based on the panel name


I’ll give it a shot, thanks

I did some cleaning and sorting, here is the new BEFORE version to use as a baseline.

I will look into it, thanks

Have you solve your problem do you still want me to show you my solution or you ok no?

Just to make things clear, are you trying to match 2 conditions (Panel Name & Main parameters) for your electrical equipment to match with your excel data?

I am actually hoping for THREE parameters, but so far only one at a time is working. Looks like the panel names have to be LOCKED DOWN and then it might be able to push the other two parameters for MAINS and SHORT CIRCUIT RATING afterwards.