Excel.Read doesn't update

I’ve noticed the Excel.Read node doesn’t update when I hit run, even if I’ve changed the excel file and resaved it. I have to disconnect the node, run the definition, then reconnect and run the definition for Excel.Read to update. There should be a better way for this node to listen for live file updates, or at a minimum update if the file has been saved.

Has anyone else had this problem? or found a better work around?



Hi Nate, thanks for pointing this out. Currently we have not supported this workflow yet. I have tracked this request as an enhancement item (http://adsk-oss.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MAGN-4156) for us to implement going forwards.

I’ve run into similar issues with other files, and I’d like to second Nate’s call for a more flexible listening to referenced files.

In dealing with images, I’m locked out of saving updates to the source image with Photoshop because the file is still in use by Dynamo. With Rhino files, I’m able to save over the original file in Rhino, but in a similar fashion to Nate’s example, the update does not register with Dynamo.