Excel Import Used Range

I’m reading and Excel file, but I’m getting way more cells than I’m expecting.
I wondered if this was happening because the Excel Print Area doesn’t match the actual data.
But I selected just my data (In Excel) and then from Page Layout. clicked Set Print Area.
Back to Dynamo, I’m still getting 167 rows instead of only 8.
If I do a Ctrl-End, it jumps down to row 167
Tried to Clear All in Excel, but it refuses to reset the last cell to my actual data.
Two questions:
This is really an Excel problem. Anyone know a good way to reset my Last used Cell?
Even if I do get it reset, however, I am working with a bunch of Architects, who are never going to use clean Excel files, so is there a way I can tell Dynamo to Import only the clean data?
I might be able to use the Manage.RemoveNulls node, but I’m afraid that’ll clean too much

I’ve tried the “Clean” node from core Dynamo,
Manage.RemoveNulls, from Lunchbox,
Clear List from archilab
All of them still give me a list of 167 with a bunch of “Empty List” entries at the bottom.

Once upon a time, I did have a spreadsheet with 167 rows, but it seems to want every different .xls to use the same

Had you set the preserve indices to ‘true’ in the built in List.Clean node? It shouldn’t return any empty lists of so. Please post a screenshot of your graph including expanded previews for both sets of nodes if that was the case.