Excavations with Revit and Dynamo, Topology.Faces box



Hello! I have just started using Dynamo and im trying to run this script from this site here; https://jbdynamo.blogspot.no/2017/04/ammo-excavations-with-revit-and-dynamo.html?showComment=1492782075665#c2200256834395592498
On the site here you will find the script and a revit test file for the script.
I have a problem with the topology.faces box;
and i dont find a way to solve it on my own.

Anyone have a solution on this problem?

Thanks Kim.


Hi @kim.kolstadmoen
it looks like you’re giving Topology.Faces a list of polycurves. Those don’t have faces…


Okey, have you checket out the test files in the link? He is using the exact same script as I and he gets it to work… I understand what you mean and i see that this can be a problem, but i think its wierd that he make it work whit the same script.


What elements do you have in your slection when you hit run ? Because it looks like you might be selecting families that don’t only contain solids but also polycurves.

you should take a look at the content of these two nodes to figure out which element contains polycurves.


I do only have the thopography in my selection when i hit run,



Hi, it’s not the topography that you should pick in my script you should select the elements that you want to excavate for, ie the bottom floor and structural foundations.


When you sey it it sound logical… Thank you bouth for helping me out!


Im wondering if its possible to make the excavations to a topography insteed of a family so i can make a building pad out of this?

I tryed to cut it out first but it dont understand that it not should make a solid fill inside… And of what i understand by reading about my problem dynamo have no box for making a building pad whitout makit the script by myself?