Error when creating rebar following PolyCurves (continued)

Hi All,

I’m just continuing last year’s thread:

I’ve been experiencing the same issues as described but with other curve shapes. In some cases when the polycurve is straight, I managed to re-create a single curve from the start point and end point, but for polycurves containing more than one line in different directions, “An internal error has ocurred” shows.

Does anyone experienced the same issue and, the most important, already solved that issue?

I’m thinking what @TSF said could be the problem.

I’ll give it a try.

Thanks in advance!

Following, If I don’t re-create a line from a straight polycurve, it shows the error. So I don’t think the issue is due to the bend diameter.

Just to show what I’m trying to do. I’m working on wall displacements, so I manageg to create a bar that recognizes the displacement and detours it’s path:

From my script, I get several polycurves that do what I want, but when it comes to create the rebars, the “An internal error has ocurred” shows. In the image you can see the number of curves contained in the polycurves.

So, if I re-create the polycurves it works and EVEN it creates the rebar for the polycurve which has more than on e curve into.

Concluding, my issue is that I can’t re-create the polycurves. In most of the cases I need the polycurves created to do the job. so:

  • Why is it working in some cases and in others don’t?

Thanks in advance

I gave a try what @Einar_Raknes suggested in another topic:

and I’m now getting this error:

It only works with closed Polycurves? Is this equivalent to DynamoforRebar package “An internal error ocurred”?

What does the “The input PolyCurve must be closed” mean? I thought that my policurves had some gaps that the Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves missed, so I created the same polycurve using Polycurve.ByPoints and got the same result:

Any ideas?

Have you solved this issue, i am facing the same problem .please help me

this is a consistent problem when the curves in each bar are not coplanar and or the normal doesnt match the bars.

basically you want to have a planar rebar with the normal set to the normal of the plane

i’m using archi-cad node pull points onto plane, try and work with points as it will make things smoother, but you can implement the same basic idea in other ways and probably with code.
the same operation failed before using this method
good luck!