Error in Set parameter value . Revit 2023

HI. In Revit 2023 When I want to set parameter value by name for z Justification of Structural beams this error will be displayed.

please make some advices.

what type of element are you trying to do?

Structural frame?

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works for me!

Test.dyn (5.5 KB)

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This is likely a result with the parameter changes in Revit 2023.

Please file an issue with the development team directly here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


Hello all - as per 📢 Dynamo 2.13 - Revit 2023 Set Parameter Issue(s) - Hotfix Out Now this is now fixed in the Revit Hotfix, so please go download :partying_face:

Hello, unfortunately, the problem for Set parameter in Z Justification and Y Justification and… for structural Framing still remains

Did you try this? Error - specTypeId is not a measurable spec identifier? - #18 by solamour