Error importing excel spreadsheet data

hi ,I am a novice, I want write element id to excel, but made a mistake, does anyone know

Can you translate the Chinese error part into English? I have tried this same thing and it works fine for me. What version of Revit and Dynamo are you on?

hi,tom the error is ‘this type of date is not supported’ , revit 2016 dynamo1.2 excel2007,Many times the date write are not stable,i don’t know why

I wish I had an answer for you. Sadly I don’t.

Here is some IDs related information:

you can try to use “object to string” node after the element id node. Otherwise u can try to use the “write to excel” node from the bumblebee package.

make sure you are not active in an excel cell and place the cell selection to A1.

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No matter how to thank you very much

Is not so complicated, just a simple action

I have tried, no effect