Error from Adaptive Component by Point

Hi dynamo experts, I’m trying to use Adaptive Component.bypoint node in my project, but unfortunately I can’t make it work. I have checked previous threads with similar topic, but I couldn’t find any solution. Could you please help me? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have uploaded both adaptive families here!
Test family adaptive.rfa (636 KB)
Test family adaptive1.rfa (376 KB)

Are you sure that your input are 4 different points?

Could you show your x,y,z coordinates? Where are you getting those points from?

Hi @NaSha

Looks good to me:

Hi and thanks @Kulkul for your answer. I tried exactly same script and I get this one below. I really don’t know what is going wrong :confused:

Hi and thanks @M.Perez for reply. Here is the coordinate for my adaptive family.

Hi @NaSha

Add List.Create node you should be fine then:

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