Error: expected element got solid

Im trying to cut elements with Python but Im getting an error.

Does anyone haven an idea how to solve this?
The elements (to be cut) and the elements (cutting) are both created from within Dynamo.
Maybe I dont have to use the unwrapping then? Or the command is wrong? the code Ive written so far is in the printscreen below:

Wouter Hilhorst

The error means that the command is looking for a Revit element, but it looks like you are getting and feeding it geometrical parts or representations of elements. I would just make a simple graph and Python script that just does two single elements, the format it to make it work on lists.

Thanks, that would be the best I hope!
Do you know what python command should be used to cut geometrical parts?
As you say the command addcutsbetweensolids only works on revit elements.