Error: EDGECOIN_PROBLEM - system inconsistency processing edge coincidence

Does anybody know or understand this error:

EDGECOIN_PROBLEM - system inconsistency processing edge coincidence.

I don’t understand it. What is going on?


Found a similar topic. Says it’s unlikely an easy fix…

Another similar topic. Also still unsolved

It seems that your geometry is too complex and somehow cannot be used for boolean unions.

Instead of creating families from the project environment, you can work in the family environment and then import it in the project. In this way you don’t need to merge solids.

You can use Springs.Form.ByGeometry to convert (“bake” in grasshopper) from Dynamo to Revit geometry, apply the material and then load in the project.


Thanks for your reply, @lucamanzoni. Just 1 question, can you explain me why it is called a ‘boolean’ union, or a ‘boolean’ operation? I see this term often but do not really get why it’s called ‘boolean’.

Boolean operations are operations involving boolean variables, which can be only TRUE or FALSE.

Those operations are:

  • AND: when A = True and B = True, give TRUE, otherwise FALSE
  • OR: when at least A or B are TRUE, gives TRUE, otherwise FALSE
  • NOT: gives the opposite, so when input is TRUE gives FALSE, and viceversa.

The operation of solid UNION, SUBTRACTION and INTERSECTION are the geometrical equivalent of these booleans operations:

  • AND = INTERSECTION: it gives the portion of space that is shared at the same time by the 2 solids
  • OR = UNION: it gives the portion of portion that belongs at least to one of 2 solids
  • NOT = SUBTRACTION: it gives the portion of A that doesn’t belong to B

You can also find here more information:


Thats very clear thank you!