Intersection Issue between a Polysurface and a Mesh: EDGECOIN_PROBLEM

I have a mesh (input “geometry”) and a surface (input “other”) going into a Geometry.IntersectAll. It is giving me the error “EDGECOIN_PROBLEM – system inconsistency processing edge coincidence.” I have run a Geometry.DoesIntersect node on the same inputs with a List.FilterByBoolMask and it gives me the right configuration without cutting the excess lines. I cannot find any information on the error to determine the issue.

This runs a mask to find the intersecting geometry but doesn’t trim the lines as desired

This is the input “geometry”, which is a mesh of lines.

This is the input “other”, which is a polysurface

Hi! Can you drop your files here?

Still no answers for that? I’ve got almost the same problem here