Error Creating Column Stirrup

Hello all!
I am trying to create a stirrup in a column and it is giving me an error.
Warning: An internal error has occurred.
Thing is, when I select the RebarHook type as standard it creates a rebar (not the stirrup that I am trying to do) but when I select stirrup, no matter which hook degree I receive the error.
Any idea why this may happen?

Workflow attached

Uploading: Rebar Creation - Internall Error.png…

Turns out that RebarType is an element and not a string so I got past that issue but now a new popped up - instead of giving me the rectangular rebar shape I am only getting the shape of what seems to be the hooks.
Attached are two pics: one when the hook angle is set to 135 and one when it is set to 90.


This is the input curve: