Error 3154 Restore SQL Database

We are using Dynamo for last few months with SQL database. We are retrieve information about project definitions like schema, reports, templates and many more by querying the metadata.

Today, we are facing an unexpected problem. While we are using Dynamo we can’t retrieve all data from SQL database 2016 then we troubleshoot Dynamo tool but nothing happened. Then we troubleshoot SQL database 2016 but still no result found.

After wasting so many hours with IT Engineers & managers, finally we decide to restore SQL database so we get all data and access through Dynamo. But when we start processing SQL database restoration commands it give an error message ‘Error 3154 Restore SQL database’. We don’t get the error exactly. Then we searched same issue over this community. There is no result found in this community.

At the end, we searched this problem on Google search engine and found few websites which resolve this kind of issue. Please provide your suggestion, what we have to do now and what’s the next step we have to take.

@Andrew_Hannell might know what to do

sorry, I don’t have any input on this
(other to state the obvious and say that backups need to be tested before you actually need to use them…!)

Incidentally, I have been using PostgresSQL (PostGIS) a lot recently- the ability to store geometry in a database field and transform/translate the geometry or carry out spatial queries is brilliant. You can do the same in other SQL flavours such as MSSQL or MySQL