Can't read Mysql data to real time update to dynamo

My English is not so good, Sorry about that.
I want use Dynamo’s Slingshot package to connect mysql, that successful as shown below picture, but when i edit mysql data that can’t real time update to dynamo, must reconnect
node before it can update.
i found the DateTime.Now node, it seem to like can help loop read mysql data to dynamo ,but i don’t know how to use this node, can anyone give some suggestion?

Can you post a camera export of your current graph? I have an idea how this should be wired in but I can’t confirm without seeing what you have.

Sorry, i have uploaded picture.

Try adding a waitfor node that is triggered by the DateTime.Now node and returns the Server before the server input.

don’t worry, my Chinese is worse…

The updates will never be 100% realtime…

If I understand properly, the issue is that you need to toggle to boolean input to Query.MySQL,Query to force an update ?
You could do something like this (note periodic run in Dynamo)

A separate problem might be the ConnectionTimeout in the connection node


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I don’t know if the animated GIF is displaying properly, in real life it is updating every 1000ms

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Thanks your reply ,my question is done,my dynamo can realtime read mysql.