Equivalent for Autodesk.Solid.ByUnion in Revit API?

For some time Ive been working with the Autodesk.Solid.ByUnion command. With this command it is possible to Union multiple (separate) objects together into 1 object. Im wondering if there is an equivalent for this command in the Revit API. The only one I could find is the “ExecuteBooleanOperationModifyingOriginalSolid”. But this one only seems to work on two solids?

Look at Document.CombineElements(Autodesk.Revit.DB.CombinableElementArray members). Otherwise, look at the Form class.


Hi Thomas,
Thanks for your reply. I havent got it to work yet. Do you maybe have an example of how this Document.CombineElements(Autodesk.Revit.DB.CombinableElementArray members) should be applied in a script? I have been looking for examples on different forums but couldnt find any.
Underneath I attached a printscreen of what Im trying to achieve. As you can see it works fine in combination with the Solid.ByUnion command. But Im looking for the python equivalent so I can implement it in the loops.
Wouter Hilhorst

I got it to work with Solid.byUnion in Python now.