Equipment and Element.OwnerView

What am I doing wrong? I want assign sheet number to comments.

Thank you in advance!

OwnerView only applies to view specific or view dependent elements. Model elements exist in the model, not a specific view and therefore don’t have an owner view.

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I tried to look for the equipment by tag family type and still doesnt work.

any suggestions?

Can you show your graph?

All Elements of Family Type doesn’t seem to work for tags. You’ll have to use All Elements of Category and filter the specific tag you want.

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My end result is assigning Comment the position [0-7] from the list, which is wrong.


You have more tags than equipment. You don’t even need to get the equipment elements separately. You can get the host element from the tag and then you can get the sheet and assign the value.

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Almost there, some equipment are not getting the values in parameter Comments


It looks like you have elements tagged on multiple views - some on a sheet and some not. So you’re overwriting your values.

Look at indices 0 and 6. They are the same element and have sheet values of — and E-003. You’ll have to determine which values to use. Obviously if you have one sheet and an unplaced view you’ll want to use the sheet value. But you may run into elements that have tags on multiple sheets.

Yes, I deleted tags from my working views, and the graph works. Thank you @Nick_Boyts, as long as the tags are not repeated it works. I think it works for what I need. However, if you know of a way to only use sheet values that would make it better. for what i need the equipment wouldnt be labeled in different sheets.

You should be able to use a basic If statement to check if a value == “—”. But like I said that only works if you have unplaced views. Multiple sheets would have to be dealt with separately.

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panelBoard is a model family, so it could be shown in any view in that level like ground floor-lighting system or ground floor-power system … etc.
if you want to get the sheet that shown the panel board.
try to think way different, like trying to get it’s level ( you will get several view e.g ground lighting, power … etc) then get the view that has the name of what you need ( e.g power)

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@khuzaimah.ElecEng I will try that!