Equal distance between Points on Surface

I am new with Dynamo, I checked out many topics and I didn’t find one it can help me. I know how to put the points on the surface, but when I change the surface, the distance between points change too. I would like to keep the same distance between points in every different shape. In other words, Different shape, same distance between points.

Thank you for your hlp!

Surface Points Distance|690x258

Hi @CarlosMD


Thank you for your answer Kulkul. I tried it and I got the same problem. When I select another face, my distance between points change too. Check out the picture, please.

Share your rvt file here.

Surface Points.rvt (336 KB)


Thank you but I don’t know if that is correct. The idea is keep the same grid, same distant between points, on different slabs. Can you keep the points’ distance if you use on other slab? Thanks

My Understanding, you are trying to place a consistent grid of points (equally spaced) on surfaces but it changes once you pick another surface…this is true since surfaces has their own coordinate system called UV (in respect to the world’s XY) , these UV ranges between 0 and 1, XY coordinates can be different.

so the solution is,
1- Obtain surface length and width, (X & Y)
2- Determine your grid spacing,
3- Divide Grid Spacing / (X&Y) to determine the step size between each point on the UV scale.

Please find the attached screenshots and dyn file.!




Hi tay0thman,

I didn’t have time to check out your information but looks great. Let me work a little bit, so I let you know. Thank you so much

Works perfect!!!, thank you

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You welcome :slight_smile:
Glad that worked!